I have a bit of a confession to make... I am a recovering cake-o-holic! I find it hard to resist cakes of all kinds, especially the sugary goodness of cinnamon scrolls. I regularly feel the call of these cake shops beckoning me to their delicious treats! And with lockdown it's been especially difficult. In an attempt to cope with my cake habit I have started baking almost every other day. It is one of my favourite activities with my toddler, even though it inevitably ends up being an episode of "Nailed It" and I then have to spend most of the day cleaning up.

Finding Cupcakes with Love on social media has just fueled my obsession even more with baking. She has the most beautiful and intricate cupcake, donut and cake designs and I was thrilled to find out she is right here in Hartenbos! When did your love for baking start? And when did you decide to start your own business? I’ve always loved beautifully baked cakes and cupcakes and I always imagined making this beautiful over-the-top, exquisite cupcakes loaded with detail myself. One day, a bit more than 2 years ago I woke up and decided, I’m going to make this a reality and that’s where it all started, and I have enjoyed it ever since! I have met the most amazing clients that also appreciate the beautiful little things in life, which makes it worth it every day! Being creative makes me feel alive and excited!

What do you specialize in? I prefer to do beautifully detailed cupcakes for any event, from small birthdays to weddings. If you want gorgeous cupcakes that doesn’t only look pretty, but also taste like heaven, then I can help! I also make small cakes and baked donuts - all decorated with love and amazing flavoured buttercream icing.

You have so many different cupcake flavours! Do you have a favourite one? YES! When I initially started my baking business I had 2 goals - I wanted to offer my clients cupcakes that are different, with A LOT of attention to detail and I also wanted to give it to them in huge variety of flavours. Life is simply too short to just eat vanilla or chocolate cupcakes! In saying that, my absolute favourite is my sweet and zesty lemon - the sweet and sour combination is delicious! 

What is your top tip for aspiring bakers? 1. Always be original in your work - never stop looking for inspiration to offer your clients something new and expand your skill set, but always keep your work original, that is what will set you aside from the rest. 2. Whenever you bake anything to advertise, take good pictures of it, make an effort with a bit of styling, a beautiful plate or a fresh flower, simple additions can make a huge difference and always remember - photos is what will sell your products. 3. Always make an effort with your packaging! If you are making beautiful little pieces of artwork, why would you just showcase them in an ugly beer box? When I make goods for clients to collect, I always put them in a beautiful box, with a ribbon and a pretty “thank you” sticker - sometimes a little card with a note. People really appreciate that little extra detail.

What advice do you have for businesses in our area, especially duing this trying time? Never stop marketing your business, no marketing effort will ever go to waste.

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