A day trip to Jakkelsvlei


Next time you are in the Garden Route make sure you visit Jakkelsvlei. This award-winning winery is a perfect day trip from Mossel Bay. We got in touch with them to ask them about their winery, their wines, and what guests can expect when visiting them.

How was Jakkelsvlei born? Jakkalsvlei, directly translated as Jackal’s Marsh, is a family-owned winery nestled in the beautiful, world-famous Garden Route. The Jonker family has been proud owners of Jakkalsvlei since 1972, and today it is farmed by 3rd generation Jonkers. The farmland is called Jakkalsvlei due to the abundance of foxes, jackal’s and wild cats seen in the Langeberg mountains and surrounding farmlands.

While regularly hunting in the area, Oupa Nelis Jonker was inspired by the beautiful scenery and chose to acquire the special piece of land. Herbertsdale offers good water, fertile soil, and a warm/dry climate, making it a choice environment for farming fruit and vineyards.

In 1987, Oupa Nelis Jonkers son, Andrew Jonker planted the first Chenin Blanc vineyard. Jantjie Jonker, Nelis’s grandson, settled on the farm in 2007 and bottled the first wine under the Jakkalsvlei label in 2008 which was the Mount Cuvee and Hanepoot. Since January 2010 Jakkalsvlei opened its doors to the public and has been growing ever since. This decade was also celebrated with the launch of a premium wine collection.
The exclusive Lord Jackal wine range is produced in limited quantities and is only available at the Jakkalsvlei tasting room. This range is named after Jim Spitsveld, a.k.a Lord Jackal, who is a well-known character in the Herbertsdale area and who for years protected local farmers’ flocks against beasts of prey.
The farm has 34 ha under vines, which include vines of the Hanepoot variety. This grape is very popular for its unique, deliciously sweet muscat flavour. Our Pick Your Own Hanepoot Festival, held mid-February each year, has become increasingly popular as Hanepoot has become quite scarce due to the fact that wine farmers are not planting it that frequently anymore. During this festival Hanepoot lovers visit the farm in droves with scissors and baskets in hand to pick all the Hanepoot that they can carry.

Tell us more about Jakkelsvlei and where you are situated? Jakkalsvlei is situated in Herbertsdale just outside of Mossel Bay.

What can one expect on a visit to Jakkelsvlei? Jakkalsvlei continues to be one of the Garden Route’s most popular destinations and for first-time visitors, it’s usually love at first sight after experiencing the breathtaking vineyard and mountain views that the farm has to offer. Visitors can enjoy the unique and acclaimed award-winning Jakkalsvlei wines combined with customized cheese platters, delicious build-your-own pizzas, and gourmet burgers. At Jakkalsvlei we have 12 different cultivars, mostly used for bottling. Our Jakkalsvlei range is focused on high quality fruit-driven wines and also has its own craft beer range, the Jackal Lager or Wolf Ale, which is highly recommended by costumers. We hope that you and your family feel the same.

How many varieties of wine do you produce? Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Touriga Nacional for the Port, Hanepoot, Red Muscadel

If you had to pick one red and one white to drink for the next month with every dinner, what would you choose? I personally would choose the Pinotage to pair with red meat dishes such as a Sirlion steak and chips or a lovely beef casserole. White wine would be the Sauvignon Blanc to pair with chicken, hake fillet or tuna steak and salad.

developed by HUEBELLA
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