A good way to start today (and every morning for that matter) is with a great cup of coffee. By 9 am I have usually had about 4 cups of black coffee .... eeek coffee buzz! I am quite a coffee junkie and have 5 different coffee appliances that range from a french press, moco pot to an aero press. But nothing comes close to a coffee brewed by a barista! Today we are featuring owner of Krotoa Koffie in Mossel Bay, Cherise.

Tell us a bit more about Krotoa Koffie and how it all started? Krotoa Koffie is a small coffee shop in the heart of the main street of Mossel Bay, we only started 6 months (including the lockdown month). I just had a dream of creating a coffee shop in Mossel Bay that cultivates culture & where people from all cutures & walks of life can come & share their stories over a cup of cofffee. It's named after the native South African Khoi girl Krotoa because she was such an amazing inspiration to me as a young woman.
What do you love most about your business?
I love the vibe, the people that works here, the ones that comes there & what it stands for. (So hard to choose)
What is a favourite on your menu?
Our eggs benedict is definitely a fave & the coffee is also good.
What coffee beans and drink is popular at Krotoa Koffie?
So we use a very good consistent roast of beans - Mastertons Roastery Beans the 1388 Blend, Mastertons is the oldest roastery in SA & this blend is the founder of Mastertons own personal blend. I think apart from a standard cappuccino, a red cappacino & chai latte is the next favourite among people.
In your opinion, what is the best way to make coffee at home? I would say a plunger is the next option for home brewed coffee (rather get ground coffee from your fave coffee shop (store bought ones are on the shelf a while & not as fresh as a coffee shop who gets regular fresh beans).
For anyone who is new to the area, what would a perfect day look like? I was still new a year ago & to me a good coffee, walk around the point walking up the St Blaize trail steps with that view was more than perfect.
What advice do you have for local businesses during lockdown? It's difficult to give advise that applies to all small businesses because we all have different challenges, but I would say, don't be afraid to change a few things, adapt & keep looking UP, God is still good, no matter what - also be a blessing wherever you can in these times.

developed by HUEBELLA
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