Lynelle Pienaar is a Garden Route based lifestyle and wedding photographer. We chatted to her about her business and what she loves about living here!

Tell us more about your business and your style of photography?
What started out to be a hobby grew into a full-time career. I am slowing down a bit
now as I want to rather focus on quality than quantity….in every aspect of my life.
As a mom of four, the greater part of my work tends to be family orientated but I also
adore weddings! Weddings are such an adrenalin rush and getting back home to see
the images we created is always super rewarding. I absolutely love small intimate

There are so many different styles of photography, to be honest, I am not sure in what
category I fall. I just know that trying to get my self into a certain style, especially
trending ones, is a lost cause. I tend to go for a more dramatic natural light, loving it
when I can place clients in a contrasting light spot. Negative space is also a big
element in a lot of my portraits.

I just do what I do from the moment I pick up my camera through post production to
delivering the final product to my clients. I think my style tend to be simple and clean. I like a clutter free image, holding the belief ‘less is more’. Capturing those natural, unguarded moments make me super happy. I feel privileged that people share a bit of their life with me.

What made you start your own business? And did you always have a passion
for photography?
We moved to the Garden Route in 2006, giving me the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom and finally venture into the photography world in 2010. I would not call it a passion I’ve always had, but yes I did have an interest in photography from years back when I was in high school. My dad triggered the interest as he was very keen on photography at one stage. The full-on passion for what I do grew with time.

What details do you believe make the best photographs?
Clients who are comfortable with me as their photographer is one of the key elements
to a beautiful image. I love to capture natural moments. Black and white images portraying emotion are always a winner. I love beautiful light, especially the so-called golden hour light, and contrasting light spots. It is also always a bonus if clients are mindful of what they are wearing and go that extra mile in preparing for a session, but nothing over the top, I love natural down to earth people.

What do you enjoy most about living in the Garden Route?
The awesome climate and beautiful surroundings of the Garden Route is what I fell
in love with when moving here in 2006.

Do you have any suggestions for visitors to the area?
Arrive with a good dose of adventure-seeking as there is more than enough to
experience. Pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes and explore! Make sure to work
up a good appetite to experience the variety of good food in our town and the
surrounding areas offer.

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