This has been a strange year... It does feel that all the ambitions plans you made for the year are put on hold and the fresh start you hoped for is out of the window. I am here to say that no matter the current outcome of your situation you can rise above it and hope for the best future! That's why today's feature is so inspiring and uplifting.

Ollie is the owner of RISE COFFEE CO. In 2015 his life changed when he broke his neck during a rugby match. He was paralyzed and was told he would never walk again. Ollie, however, chose not to believe this, and through hard work and strong faith his body recovered to the point where today, four years down the line, he is physically semi-dependent and can walk short distances with his crutches. RISE COFFEE CO represents Ollie’s refusal to give up on life; to rise above unwelcome circumstances; to share life with others; to spread hope; to serve people; to comfort and to have compassion, and to simply appreciate every day with its blessings. This is coffee with a purpose!

Tell us about Rise Coffee and how it all started?
We wanted to do a coffee, that is more than just coffee. It had to reflect a story that means that no matter what your circumstances are, you can rise out of it, and while rising you are also giving back to the Chris Burger SA rugby Players Fund which is a fund that helps rugby player like myself that got injured in a rugby match to get back on their feet. Me and my wife’s story of fighting to rise and walk one day are also connected to Rise Coffee. Rise coffee also has a meaning of you can rise every morning and just have an awesome cuppa of coffee before starting your day.

What are your coffee blends and their tasting notes?
The two blends we currently have is called The Hero blend and The Brave blend.

The Hero blend is called The Hero for the reason that after my accident my wife has been my arms and legs through my journey and I see her now as my Hero every day.
The Hero blend is our medium roast coffee and it’s cupping notes are: slightly fruity
have a good body, and stoned fruit notes.

The Brave blend is our medium to dark roast coffee and it’s called The Brave for the reason that it is how my wife sees me every day when I'm trying my hardest to walk with my crutches, and fighting to walk without it one day for her and our kids.  
The Brave blends cupping notes are: rich full body with hints of dark chocolate and a sweet aftertaste.

Through our coffee, we wanted to reflect that everyone goes through hardships and rocky roads, but we all have the ability to Rise, to be A Hero, and to be Brave no matter what life brings to us.

Where can people buy your coffee beans?
People can buy our coffee normally in all the Spar’s in the Garden Route, lodges like Buff and Fellow, Coffee shops, and smaller retail shops like van Rensburg Slaghuis and much more. Our online store is also where customers can buy our coffee if they prefer coffee to be delivered to the convenience of their homes. Our online store is: www.risecoffeeco.co.za.

In your opinion, what is the best way to make coffee at home?
The best way in my opinion to make coffee at home is to use a bean to cup machine.
On the sideline, I also sell different types of bean to cup coffee machines. It is perfect for customers that want to enjoy restaurant-quality coffee at home.

Lastly, we would like to share more exciting news as we are bringing a dark roast coffee out in next month. It is going to be our exclusive blend which is going to be called :
The Tall. The meaning behind the name is:
No matter what happens to you, keep standing tall, keep your head up high while standing tall. It is also my dream to  walk tall one day when I put away my crutches.

developed by HUEBELLA
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