Tell us more about Berg Blom and how it all started?

Berg Blom Soap was started as a creative outlet during a challenging time and has brought great joy for both of us. Interested in making soap, we became aware that palm oil and chemicals were used in almost all commercially available soaps.  These soaps often leave skin dry and flaky after use.  The majority of palm oil farming worldwide results in deforestation and the destruction of natural habitats for endangered species such.  We decided to make soap without palm oil as a base ingredient and to use only 100% natural, high quality ingredients whilst creating a luxurious, beautiful, and indulging product.

Starting out, we experimented with different recipes, ingredients, colourings, and flavourings until we found the perfect recipe that helps soothe sensitive skins and eczem

What kind of soaps do you make? Do you have a favourite?

We make small batch handcrafted soaps and we have expanded our product range to include body massage oils, whipped body butters and fizzy bath bombs. Some of our favourite soaps include Sleeping Beauty, English Garden, Ocean and the playfully named Unicorn Poop.

What is your favourite thing about soapmaking?

Every batch that we create is unique, even though our base recipe that we have perfected remains the same. We love creating new scents with essential oils, playing with colour combinations, and using different pour methods.  So that every batch is unique, and it is very gratifying when cutting the soap loafs in slices to see the beautiful colours and swirl patterns combined with the scent

What makes the soap so special?

All our soaps are hand crafted in small batches using 100% natural ingredients and we do not use any palm oil in our recipes. The soap leaves your skin feeling luxurious and moisturised. Feedback from our clients include that it helps to soothe sensitive skins and eczema

Where can people purchase your soap? Where are you situated?

We are based in George and online orders can be placed via email (, Instagram and our Facebook page which are all @bergblomsoap. We have recently started to stock at gift shops including 8’eatery and ElvisBrew. Customization options are available for outlets like guest houses and functions like baby showers and weddings.

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